Andrea Moore challenges us to re-think what “broken” means

Although they like to rock, The Wayfaring Band isn’t a rock-n-roll or a musical band at all. They are a band of travelers, exploring the world one badass road trip at a time. Most of the travelers in the band are young adults who experience cognitive and developmental differences including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, genetic differences, and more. Neurotypical leadership fellows also join the trips as paying clients, not volunteers, and together these wayfarers hit the road as peers, chasing adventure and radically altering their own and others’ experience of difference along the way. Co-founder and Executive Director Andrea Moore speaks to the band’s core values, best practices, and memorable moments on their radical journey to reframe brokenness and celebrate otherness.

About the speaker

Andrea Moore is a social artist and the Executive Director and co-founder of an organization called The Wayfaring Band, creating travel opportunities for adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities, as well as leadership fellows. As a professional working artist Andrea uses writing, performance, and photography to foster connection and dialogue across social and cultural lines. In her capacity as Executive Director for The Wayfaring Band, Andrea facilitates opportunities for independence, socialization, and adventure as part of a neurodiverse community. Andrea has taught high school students in South Central Los Angeles, collaborated on slam poetry with teenagers living in group foster care in Denver, and mentored students orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Uganda during her annual trip to East Africa. She is passionate about advocacy, particularly in partnership with people who have been marginalized and disenfranchised, and she brings this experience to bear in all her pursuits.

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