Tom Lee

September 27, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Gibson Guitar Showroom

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About the speaker

Tom Lee is the Director of Sunlight Labs; prior to assuming leadership of the labs, he managed Sunlight’s Subsidyscope project, an effort to explore the level of federal involvement in various sectors of the economy. On that project, Tom and his team were responsible for identifying and parsing federal databases covering various forms of government support, evaluating their quality, and composing sophisticated analyses and analytic tools based upon them. Tom came to Sunlight from EchoDitto, where he handled the technical implementation of Drupal projects for clients like Greenpeace UK and Mother Jones. Before EchoDitto, he did .NET development for members of the House and Senate, building constituent services websites and one of the first reusable software platforms for member offices. Along the way he’s done Movable Type consulting for Gothamist, lobbied WMATA to open its data, taught screen-scraping to TI Georgia, cleaned data for academics, built sites for numerous bloggers, and mostly avoided electrocuting himself. His writing on technical policy has appeared in the American Prospect, Techdirt, Progressive Fix, and various impassioned Slashdot threads.