In February, we’re handing YOU the microphone when our “Audience Takes the Stage”!

The CreativeMornings global theme for February is “Moments” and we’re handing the mic to our community to find out what that theme means to you. It may be celebrating our city’s and country’s creative heroes and heroines for Black History Month…or highlighting the moments that inspire and drive your creativity…or challenging your peers to make the world a better place in this critical moment in time. Whatever moments you would like to share, we’d like to hear them!

Send us your submission for your 5 minute talk and we’ll select 5 speakers to make up our slate of talks—details below!

The event will take place Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 830-10am at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library


  • It's a 5 minute talk about "Moments"!
  • Submit a concise (fewer-than-250 word) response to that includes:
    • Thesis—A simple statement synopsizing your talk and conveying how it fits the theme and why it’s important
    • Key points/arc—The key points that you’d hit to deliver on your thesis
    • About you—A sentence or two about you, your POV, talent, expertise or other relevant details.
    • Visuals—Briefly note any visuals or other media you might include (there is no right or wrong approach, we just need a feel for what it would entail)
    • Confirmation—that you are available on the date/time of the event.
    • Information—Your name, email, phone— and website or social media handles if relevant.
  • Submission deadline: February 10th, 2017 at 12pm Eastern
    • Note: we really appreciate entries sooner than the deadline to give us a fighting chance to review and evaluate fully
  • Submissions will be judged on…
    • Relevance to the theme “Moments”
    • Alignment with our drive to spotlight amazing creative work and to share motivation and inspiration
    • Focus, feasibility and appropriateness to a brief talk of this nature
    • Value to the CreativeMornings/DC community
    • Uniqueness and diversity in theses and voices of selected speakers

All submitters will be informed by Tuesday, February 14th, of whether they have been selected and be given next steps. Now get started!

Announcing 30 Second Pitches—an opportunity for you to take the stage at a CreativeMornings/DC event to pitch your idea to our awesome, talented audience. Pitch us on your idea and, if selected, you’ll have 30 seconds and one slide to explain it, why it’s valuable and how people can support it—provide feedback, participate or collaborate.

Send a brief, fewer-than-100-words write-up describing the idea, value and need to DC[at] and you could be on stage at our next event! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

A CreativeMornings/DC illustration series first—a profanity! :) A wonderful illustration of a wonderful insight on audio storytelling by the amazing Lulu Miller courtesy of the talented Carolyn Sewell! The quote was from our November 2014 event and will be available in postcard form in January!