Partner with Washington, DC

Because every event is free of charge, we look to local sponsors to help provide breakfast, a welcoming venue, and additional funds to cover videographers, rentals, and more.

Sponsoring a CreativeMornings/DC event is a great way to reach the local creatives whether you’re launching a new product, hiring new design talent, or just interested in supporting DC’s creative community.

In return for their support, local sponsors generally are featured:

  • On our DC landing page in the lead-up to the event
  • On the event signup page
  • In our email announcement of the event
  • In each ticket emailed to attendees
  • On key signage at event registration and refreshment tables
  • In the event itself as a custom slide and a verbal thank you in the introductory remarks of the presentation
  • In ‘thank you’s via our chapter’s Twitter account as well as other social media mentions
  • In social media love from our audience to show their appreciation
  • Featured on this page below for a time after event

If interested, contact our chapter for more information on pricing and availability.