Recognizing the value of creativity, Tiffani Moore encourages the pursuit of fantasy.

Quoting the infinitely knowledgeable Dr. Seuss, “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living,” but how does fantasy translate to the world of creatives and entrepreneurs? After 12 years as a wardrobe stylist, switching directions and finding success as a creative consultant, Tiffani shares her experiences using fantasy as a seemingly improbable, yet priceless, tool.

About the speaker

Over the last 12 years, Tiffani has built a successful career in NYC as a celebrity Fashion & Wardrobe Stylist. Recognizing her talents can be utilized to make great change, Tiffani has shifted her focus and is now utilizing her business savvy and creativity to fuel her creative consulting company, Traveling Trousseau (TT).

TT started out as a small project 4 years ago and has now grown into a thriving business. With social change at its core, TT has produced the annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show for Care for the Homeless the 4th year in a row, taught our ‘Best Self’ workshops with the residents of Semiperm - Settlement Housing, created lasting content for various businesses, and produced countless events that give back to communities in need.

It is our responsibility to work effectively with our client to flawlessly deliver creative content, events and programming. Setting the vision for all of our creative projects and guiding them through to completion is our goal.

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