In these “thoughts on innovation”, Sylvain Carle explores the role of the maker – the artisan – in shaping our creative societies.

Creative Mornings 08 brought Twitter’s Sylvain Carle back on a Montreal stage, a year and a half after the much praised serial entrepreneur left Montreal for the warmth and excitement of San Francisco. On the ideas surrounding the theme — « make » —, Sylvain Carle chose to focus on the figure of the « maker » — in French, artisan — and the ideas, concepts and myths surrounding this important persona and his contribution to the foundations of creative societies.

If some contemporary troublemakers are given hyperbolic titles like Antichrist, Sylvain Carle is rather the incarnation of what Nassim Nicholab Taleb would call « the Antifragile ». Taleb does so, in his latest book, as well as in issue number one of Montreal’s most splendid beau livre, The Alpine Review : the antifragile is to fragility what positive is to negative. It is not robust or resilient, but improves as it is shaken. […]

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About the speaker

Sylvain Carle is a fan of emerging technologies. For the last 20 years, he has thrived with marvel and fun at the confluence of media, technology and networks. Entrepreneurship, web software design, digital and social media as well as open-source software and open standards are all at the core of his competence and passion. He currently lives in San Francisco and works for Twitter as a tech evangelist. He is a member of the board of OSMO, the foundation that supports the Notman House project in Montreal. Socialist, idealist and pragmatic, he reflects on the role of technology in this era of the networked society. One of his current obsessions is the impact of the (noble) hacker culture on public and private organisations and of innovation through massive collaboration, Github-style.

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