Co-founder & agent provocateur at f. & co. If we can't change the world, we'll at least make a dent. Spent ten years as a political strategist & diplomat, a.k.a typing monkey & professional handshaker. Co-founder, General Manager and now host of CreativeMornings/Montréal for the heck of bringing people together every month so that all the cool people can meet the cool people. Also member of the Board of Directors at Institut du Nouveau Monde, because civic engagement & citizen participation matter -- big f. & time -- for this agnostic political omnivore. Also recently joined the Board of Travelling, a short film distribution joint based in Trois-Rivières that makes Québec's best short filmmakers shine around the world. Originally a linguist with a dash of physics, still a polyglot, word-juggler & stickler for exactitude. We can speak French, English, Spanish, Portuguese or German, in any particular order, or draw Japanese & Arabic characters. Otherwise there's always music. But play fucking loud, seriously.

stüff, in the mouth

asking for help

shut up & do awesome shit

people who care, because i do

you will never know. that's why it's secret. and why it's super.

taxi driver. scratch that. uber driver.

numbers. especially your phone's.

the meaning of life

the ones used as a background to emily southwood's talk on #SEX >