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Welcome to this Creative Morning Stockholm with Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening (SAK) (Swedish Association for Art). A unique opportuniy to hear SAK’s curator Jennie Fahlström talk about Elaster, a two-person exhibition with Liva Isakson Lundin and Joakim Heidvall. The exhibition is about how elasticity in painting and sculpture can be challenged to the point of bursting. Afterwords we will meet Liva and Joakim for a private showing of the exhibition.

Oct 4-8, 2017, SAK presents two exhibitions at Konstakademien. SAK’s annual exhibition TILL KONSTEN - TRO, HOPP, TVIVEL OCH KÄRLEK presents the 120 works of art by 22 artists making up the prizes in the 2017 art lottery.

The first prize ”Min konstruktiva vardag (House of Pain and Colours)” by Axel Lieber was created especially for SAK. The 100-prize work by the artist duo Tilpo,” Tro, Hopp och Kärlek”, consists of 100 unique paintings, tales of magic realism with hints to art history, politics and the society in general.

ELASTER is a two-person exhibition with Liva Isakson Lundin and Joakim Heidvall, whose works are simultaneously exhibited in SAK’s annual exhibition, presenting large-scale works in dialogue. Liva Isakson Lundin shows her new work ”Peel, Shear, Tensile", balancing acts in glass and silicone. Joakim Heidvall’s series ”Corona” are paintings in the borderland between the figurative and the abstract, never before shown in Sweden.

Both the paintings and the sculptures have elasticity in common, visually as well as symbolically. The points of bursting are challenged both within the artists’ motifs and choice of material respectively, but also between themselves. The softer movement in the paintings is challenged in the meeting with the harder glass works. In a way, Heidvall’s dancing solar eclipse suite appears to be a steadier movement whilst Isakson Lundin’s sculptures could be temporarily enlightened, where the balancing act is in a particular position at a particular point in time. The next time light hits the sculpture the balance of power of the glass and the silicone may have been displaced.

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