Make Your Life a Painting // The Mystery of Where We Fit into the Puzzle of Life

Sebastian Coolidge speaks about stepping out of your comfort zone, creating everyday beauty, and finding your place through your passions.

About the speaker

If you don’t already know of Sebastian Coolidge, chances are you know his work. As one of the most prolific artists in St. Pete, his massive paintings have played a part in shaping the visual language of the downtown area. A modern conscious creative, Sebastian’s body of work is largely mural-based, but he also works in functional sculptures and furniture, fully immersive interior design, obscure designer clothing, restaurant and hotel design, and has an interest in future sustainable technologies. With a deep connection to the natural and man-made world around him, Sebastian’s future goals include creating cities that thrive off renewable and sustainable resources, while simultaneously using highly creative design to organically and harmoniously fuse to their surroundings.

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