Sarah Page is an emerging multimedia artist, muralist and designer based in South Florida. She recently left a decade-long career in non-profit marketing and fundraising to pursue the arts full-time.

She was an open-call winner in the 2018 SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival and has exhibited in numerous shows alongside some of Florida’s most talented artists. She’s the Sustainability Lead for Creative Mornings Palm Beach and has a passion for nature conservation and the environment.

Sarah’s ultimate goal as an artist is to use public art to bring awareness and stir actionable behavior around charitable causes. She believes that art has the power to ignite wonder, build community and drive purposeful change.

Fundraising, zero-waste living, mural painting and horses.

Slow down.

I'm a bit of an Elon Musk fangirl. Not the whole billionaire-playboy bit, but I admire that he has a vision so big it outlasts his lifetime. Read his biography by Ashlee Vance.

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