Last Friday we had a fantastic time with Shavonda Gardner. Many of us realized we were limiting ourselves by only following like-minded people in the media we consume, specifically Instagram. Even as creatives we can forget to be curious about those from different backgrounds, cultures, age, style, and even aesthetic. Open yourself up to new ideas and see what it sparks in your own work and life. What does your feed look like? Is it diverse or similar to your own perspective/lifestyle? Let us know in the comments if you learned anything interesting! Thank you @sgardnerstyle 💛💛 •
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Shavonda Gardner is blogger, designer, content creator, and social media influencer. After leaving design school she started blogging as a way to stay connected to the interior design community and to flex her creative muscles. What started out as a blog exclusively for the topic of interior design gradually morphed into an outlet to share her life and to inspire others to create joy and beauty within their lives. —–
She has a passion for small space living, moody eclectic interiors, social justice, and tacos. We suggest following her on Instagram where she’s built a large following showcasing her beautiful home. This week she was written up in Domino magazine’s blog about her recent public stance on the lack of diversity of style, aesthetic, and point of view amongst Instagram influencers in fashion and design. She’s asking for the inclusion of creatives of all backgrounds to be recognized on a large platforms as well as encourage users to get curious about their own feeds and what they’re seeing everyday. Its going to be good! — view on Instagram

Hello February! We started 2018 with a bang, and we’re keeping it going! This month’s theme is #CMcuriosity. It was chosen by @malmo_CM and illustrated by @oelwein.

Curiosity is many things—a trait, a mindset, and a skill. To wonder about the things you don’t know and to actively fill those gaps with knowledge is to consciously enrich your life.

It’s also the secret sauce for creativity. Curiosity silences ego and encourages us to ask why. By constantly asking why we keep the channel open, allowing inspiration, perspectives, and ideas to mold our work and ourselves.

The more you practice being curious the more opportunities abound. Sometimes all it takes is tilting your head up and just marveling at this thing called life.

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