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A fantastic portrait of a culinary haven, blending bohemian artistry and a studious dedication to scientific techniques, that bridges the gap between international gastronomy elites and everyday lovers of all things delicious. She demonstrates that creative genius often requires more than the ability to come up with great ideas, but the ability to convey your vision to a wider community of inspired folks, and motivate them to get on board with that vision by celebrating all that each individual contributes in their participation… as well as having the guts to put your big dreams out for all to see!

About the speaker

Sashana was born into an artistic family in Montreal, to a Canadian Italian father and a Brazilian mother. Since a young age she has always had a strong appetite for discovering different cultures through food, language and music.

After studying classical French cuisine (ITHQ) and BA anthropology (UdeM), Sashana completed her MA in Food, Place and Identity at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. Tempted to stay longer in Italy, she worked as a Tutor for the University guiding students on gastronomic study trips around the world.

Sashana is currently living Edinburgh. In November 2015 she opened Edinburgh Food, a restaurant and research hub, and has just opened a wholesale bakery with other local entrepreneurs. She is constantly inspired by the professionals crossing her path. Everyday is a different challenge, this is what keeps it interesting.

Sashana will approach the topic of genius from her perspective that genius does not really exist in the culinary world - not in the way that we would imagine. Join Sashana on her story of what she believes truly makes brilliance in the kitchen and why calling it genius can be a misnomer.

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