I am an Edinburgh based designer and I teach Design at Edinburgh College of Art. With more than 15 years’ experience in the creative industries, my background is in furniture and product design, and my practice is based in design and communication.

I focus on collaboration to ensure the outcomes embody project stakeholders' collective aspirations and I currently run '100 Days Project Scotland', an accessible project aimed at encouraging daily creativity, and celebrating process.

I know a lot of quotes from movies, and kick-ass at 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Regarding design and creativity; I enjoy inspiring teams, students, and stakeholders to get creative and get involved. The community building aspect of the 100 Days Project Scotland is one of my favourite aspects of it.

I love learning, so will always take advice and inspiration from people who are passionate about what they do. I could always do with more good clients; so anyone who needs help putting paper and digital assets together, or creative workshops and event help can get in touch.

Work hard, have fun, and be nice to people.

Oh this is a toughy - there are so many inspirational people! I admire my friends who are unapologetically themselves; authenticity is so important, and this carries into everything we do.

Positivity - I can always see good things and silver linings. There is always something to learn.

Dog walker....That sounds like it could be a fun job right? I am having to think about this more now, with everything going on, who knows what we all might be doing in a few months/years? Spending everyday with dogs sounds like heaven.

Quotes from movies...I have one for most situations. Oh and how to spell Mississippi.

How to see things they already do as creative, and how they can explore more creativity in their day to day lives.


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