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Be Brave: 3 things I’ve learned about courage

As a society we glamourise and romanticise stories of bravery and heroism. Whether it’s knights in shining armour or intrepid entrepreneurs changing the world, courage is the foundation of many of these adventures. But real life isn’t a fairy story and we don’t always get to find riches and ride off into the sunset. What happens when courage alone isn’t enough to ensure success, and what to do if it all comes crashing down?

In this talk Roan will discuss the role of courage in meeting the challenges we all face, based on his experience of launching, building and growing FreeAgent, an online accounting software company that started out as a side project and grew to a market leader in the industry over the last 11 years.

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I'm no longer as scared as I used to be, because over time I've given myself the confidence, through applying this process, taking something which seemed difficult and breaking it down working my way towards it step by step and then achieving it. Then repeat and repeat. — Roan Lavery

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