European Champ of Public Speaking talks about getting in the Flow

Being in flow is the natural ecstasy of life. When you reach this point when you are out of your head, when you drop all filters and lose track of time that is when you achieve peak performance. But sometimes we are crippled by self-doubts and sabotage-patterns that hold us back from thriving in life. As a speaking coach and a former breakdance trainer I see that many people are miles away of mastering flow either mentally nor physically. In this talk I want to open your eyes to your specific flow “archetype” and take in the crucial outside perspective needed to fully understand yourself. Let’s clear useless beliefs and replace them with a new operating system. Make your inner game nuances finally “click” to cultivate flow in your life.

About the speaker

My name is Raphael. I love crafting and giving speeches. For the last 5 years I stood several times per month on a stage. Thanks to many supporters and mentors I achieved to win the European Championship of Public Speaking in 2016. Since that I provide people with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to craft a powerful message, deliver it with confidence and find the best speaking opportunities. Now I tell you a little secret: What I’m doing on stage even longer than speaking is dancing. As a former breakdance trainer I love the feeling of flow and I’m super excited to combine my two biggest passions in this talk for you.

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