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Are You My 2 O'clock?

How does a person with zero experience become a broadcast anchor, and then walk into a 15 year career at Disney? Simple–when the moment arrives, just say “YES!”

My name is Peter Jude Ricciardi and I am Your Creative Solutionist.

I live in the Seacoast of New Hampshire with my wife, our two beautiful daughters; ages 4 and 2, Hurley Van Lou our bluetick coonhound/lab and a cat who’s name must never be mentioned.

For 15 years I worked for the Walt Disney Company as a copywriter, voice talent, producer, content developer and brand strategist. While working in das Haus der Maus, I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the strongest and most innovative minds in the industry. Together we developed and produced promotional collateral and advertising for The Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Radio Disney, Disney XD, Pixar and advertising for the many of the corporate partnership alliance clients.

Your Creative Solutionist is a boutique creative agency that was born 3 years ago, the day I left Disney’s castle gates and headed out on this awesome adventure. YCS serves clients of all sizes and industries. We believe that powerful ideas should never be limited to a budget.

Nobody wants to be told that their baby is ugly, but you aren’t hiring me to agree with you. You are hiring me to develop, design and imagine a brand story that attracts the attention of customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Your Creative Solutionist is about more than just doing the unthinkable, it’s about delivering it.

What Peter is up to these days…

Wrapping up a variety of radio, television and social media content packages for clients in the Resort, Medical and Wellness Industries. Also working on a product launch for a new family organization App.

His latest audible audio book project: Earths Ultimate Conflict Volume 1 (A Gray Guardians Series). Written by award winning author Kathy Porter, Peter narrated and produced a full theatrical version featuring sound effects, music and performing the voice of dozens of characters and alien life forms. YIKES!

Connect with Peter here:

www.YourCreativeSolutionist.com Peter on Twitter Peter on Instagram Peter on Facebook

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