Wool, wood, and concrete in sweaters, cars, and coffee machines

When the French car company Peugeot approached Per Ivar Selvaag to design their supercar he made some unconventional choices: norwegian wood and wool interior. In the machismo driven world of these vehicles they usually display the uninhibited ego of their brand. So what of the humble Peugeot, known for their low-emissions and modest designs? Per brought his identity. Born in Norway, raised by a mother who never stops knitting, he spent much of his life surrounded by natural beauty and materials like wood and wool. He weaves these inspirations into subtle work that speaks to origin and reminds us that honesty can be a thoughtful representation of yourself at peace.

About the speaker

Per Ivar Selvaag was born in South Korea, but raised on a farm on the west coast of Norway. He studied industrial design in England, subsequently working in product development for Ford Motor Company, BMW, and as chief designer for Automobiles Peugeot in France. In 2013, Per established design consultancy Montaag LLC in Berkeley, with two additional offices in Stavanger and Oslo, Norway. Montaag specializes in research-based design projects for a variety of clients, with a bias towards mobility-related design thinking to inform a host of solutions, from policy to product development.

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"These images are important because they say something about how I weight visual stuff. They say something about what becomes your instinctive preference for just about anything in your creative work." — Per Ivar Selvaag

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