What happens when an artificial intelligence becomes the designer? Watch Pekka Salokannel’s take on the future of design.

Pekka Salokannel answers audience questions about artificial intelligence, future trends, the environmental impact of 3D-printing and materialism.

About the speaker


You are a pioneer in your little known field. You manage to juggle things to be positioned in just the right place as the world catches on and the sparks of interest crackle and pop into an inferno of exciting progress. Ignition! This delicate combination of skill, luck and intelligent foresight is driven in no small part by our theme for CM/HEL this month, Change.

Having inhabited the richly varied worlds or industrial design, education and the broader ‘maker’ community our clever speaker Pekka Salokannel knows a thing or two about these perpetually shifting sands.

As a pioneer of the 3D printing industry he opens interesting doors to us about the exponential nature of growth in this digital age and how change polarises populations.

As Spring breaks forth don’t miss this most transformative CM/HEL as Pekka explains why the only real constant we know is change and perhaps even shares some tools to help us plot the ‘path to now’.


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