Freelancer/student/general busy-body in translation (EN–FI–EN, SPA–FI, SWE–FI), publishing and communications. Interested in global affairs, environmental issues, the power of grassroots movements, the evolving media space & publishing sector, and learning to tell stories that touch hearts.

Social media, communications, blogging, Malaysian cuisine, (Post)-Colonial History, East and Southeast Asian Culture, International Relations, the power of introversion, HSP, gluten free cooking, superfoods... In general, life is an ongoing learning process for the curious at heart.

Photographing skills, including tips regarding equipment, technique, and photo editing. Learning to play the guitar, too...

Authors Haruki Murakami and Paul Auster for their imaginative quirky stories with a distinctly recognizable air of empathy toward our human experience.

Writer. Or hostel keeper in some warmer climate.

If being present only could be taught (or I knew how...) in such a manner, I definitely would love to spread that around. :)