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Marina Toeters

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• Online Zoom De Stadstuin • part of a series on Divergent

Yeah! Divergent that’s what she is!! Marina Toeters

Marina Toeters operates on the cutting edge of technology and fashion design. Through her business she stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technical innovators for a relevant fashion system and supportive garments for everyday use. She advises – via prototyping and a research through design approach – Philips Research, Holst Centre, fashion designers and others on product development. She designs and develops concepts to show the world how fashion could be. As a teacher, coach and researcher, she works for the fashion department in the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and industrial design faculty in Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2019 Marina edited the book Unfolding Fashion Tech: Pioneers of Bright Futures and opened the Fashion Tech Farm, a studio, incubator and small-scale production facility for innovative fashion, based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Oops! Astrid fell down the stairs!!

We are sorry to inform you all that Astrid fell down some slippery stairs while rushing to the door. Luckily she is doing fine. Nothing is broken but preparing for the talk she was looking forward to with a sore head and body… is no fun!

However, not all is lost! Together we decided to postpone the talk by just a week. Promise! So we hope to see you all on: 

Friday February the 5th - 09:00 sharp!

If, unfortunately, you cannot make it, please make sure to you release your ticket.


Astrid is an activistic strategic and social designer, researcher, maker and practical-philosophical writer. She strives to focus her energy into making as many people happy, strong and independent.
Astrid works for families, education, musea and businesses and is a lecturer.
In June 2015 Astrid was our guest and speaker where she talked about the importance of making makers.

Astrid will discuss the power of designers and the responsibility that comes with it. She strongly believes all designers should be busy healing the world and have the power to do so. Then why is the world such a mess? What’s holding designers back in fixing it?

In her talk she will make a promise and hope you will too.

Get ready for a confronting, maybe annoying, sometimes funny and hopefully uplifting talk!

Kas Houthuijs is in his natural habitat on the edge of art and science on the emerging fields of bioart and biodesign. With a scientific background in Neurobiology and Biomedical sciences he has shifted his focus towards the arts and design. He is coordinator of BioHack Academy at Waag and he works on various projects within the European consortium of Hybrid Lab Network. He has a love for education and worked as a teacher at University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and now teaches the BioLab for Designers as a course at he HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

Kas loves interdisciplinarity and to ignite a sense of wonder through collaboration between different research fields. Asking the question if the variety of visions can be connected to enhance our relation to the world and all its inhabitants.

CreativeMornings Utrecht November 2020: Radical, with Daantje Bons

Daantje Bons is a visual artist working with themes around gender identity and sexuality. In her work, she draws from her own experiences, in which she expresses her thoughts on learned patterns, rooted ideals, and morals.

She likes to play with “suggestion” as a way of communicating ideas in which she uses aesthetics as attraction and recognizability.

In addition to other photography works, self-portraits play an important role in the work of Daantje, in which self-expression and research into her thoughts are key.

According to Daantje, a successful work is one that is looking for an edge in which the viewer is challenged to look twice. Humor is no stranger to this and playing with provocation is an exciting part.

In addition to her personal projects and exhibitions, she also works on commission for Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, and LINDA Magazine, among others. She likes the fact that both commissioned projects and personal works are often indistinguishable.


The event takes place November 27, 2020 starting at 8:30 a.m.

Tickets for the virtual event are available here.

From Spain to The Netherlands to Japan. From graphic designer to art director to illustrator. Luis has been in transit for what it feels all his life, both professionally and personally. Now settled in Tokyo, Luis draws illustrations for brands and publications worldwide, he also runs a creative residence for international makers and thinkers who want to take a break and continue further in their careers. It’s all about transition and that’s what he’s going to share with us on Oct the 30th. 

@luismendo (Twitter and Instagram)


What do you do when your child turns out to be a highly talented athlete. What do you do when he/she grows up in a world full of expectations, tensions and disappointments?

TURN! is a documentary by Esther Pardijs about the hopes and fears of parents within a certain parenting paradox. On the one hand every child is a promise of the parents and on the other hand we all just want them to be happy. For this film Esther followed her son and the ways she guides him in the highly demanding world of gymnastics.

The film was nominated for a Dutch Golden Calf for best Documentary, the Tegel - a Journalistic award and it was the most viewed documentary of the year 2019. 

In the months Creative Mornings about STRESS Esther will talk about the process of making such a personal documentary. During this 3 year period she had to carefully navigate between the different sensitivities of her main characters. But she also had to balance between her role as a mother and her role as a director. Was it worth the stress? Yes! 

Esther Pardijs is a Dutch documentary maker and director. She has more than 20 years of experience in directing, writing and researching documentaires, television formats and films for specific target groups.

A quote Esther keeps close at heart is from Alan Berliner - an American filmmaker, who said: “You will never stop learning how to make films. Get used to that.” 

Esther worked for Dutch National Broadcasters, such as NPO, VPRO, HUMAN, NTR, KRO-NCRV, BNN-VARA and also for foundations, NGO’s and museums.

Link to zoomevent:

The memory of the difficult breakup with her team is still fresh in her mind. But a cheerful product owner is ready to conquer the corporate dog-eat-dog world as a freelancer. But then a horrific virus takes the world by storm. Karlijn thought that she was cursed. It seems no one’s life is perfect, even for someone who appears to have everything. In this talk a cheerful introverted product owner shows you her supernatural powers to conquer the insecurities that try to take over her mind. Join her in this love triangle between her self-image, the way she is perceived and her fears. And find out more about her secret crush for K-drama. More info about the main character of this talk: or her K-drama watching habits on

Devon Yagian-Boutelle has nearly twenty years of experience in music composition, audio production and sound design. A product of the Southern California punk scene and its do-it-yourself ethos, in his 20s he co-founded an independent record label which specialised in the production and distribution of unapologetically low-fi metal and experimental music. selling records and related merchandise all over the world.He holds a master’s degree in the design of sound for the moving image from the Glasgow School of Art, and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from Berkeley, California. He is also a practicing artist and musician who has shown work and performed throughout North America, Europe and Western Asia. He previously lectured in music for the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.Devon recently moved to Utrecht with his new start-up - Stilte Collective - which is aiming to develop new technologies and services for the creative media sector, as well as invest in and develop opportunities for a wider group of artists and creators around the world.

Kevin ‘Blaxtar’ de Randamie (Braenworks) is a creative entrepreneur and an award winning writer and performer. Starting out in Dutch underground hip-hop under the name “Blaxtar”, Kevin developed into a poetically inclined artist who found more than one application for his wordcraft. Multinationals like Heineken, Intel and many others invited ‘Blaxtar’ to help them bridge the gap between business goals and creative messaging. His transformation of Heineken’s sustainability report 2015 into his own creative expression won a prestigious communication award in Berlin. His creative workshops are helping international corporate managers and entire teams to overcome their fear of performance and to build their skill set in storytelling. In 2017 he kickstarted the #CreativeRevolution movement, which snowballed into the launch of the Braenworks Academy; a business school specifically designed to train and coach creative minds how to grow their business in a sustainable way. As the founder and owner of multiple business ventures drenched in creativity, Kevin loves sharing his insights to bring the world of creativity and the world of business together. The beauty of it all: when those two worlds are in harmony amazing things can happen.

“You’re not lost if you know where you’re going”.