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Hans-Peter van Velthoven

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April 28, 8:30am • Tinker imagineers • part of a series on Beyond

Hans-Peter van Velthoven

Music photographer Hans-Peter van Velthoven got the opportunity to take his career beyond the beaten track when he was pulled on stage by Bono in 2001.

Today he is working directly for musicians like James Bay and bands like Muse and Stereophonics.
There is even a Muse film coming up which he is developing together with the band.

“The camera is of the mind.. The picture of the soul”

Join us Friday, 28 April @creativemorningsutrecht

Watch the inspiring talk that Katrien van Beurden gave us last Friday at CreativeMornings Utrecht.

‘If the world would be a hotel, what archetypical character
would you be and what would be your position in this hotel?’
Katrien van Beurden travels the world with this question and
creates imaginary hotels with actors from around the world.
She traveled from warzones to Wall street, to countries like
Palestine, America, Iran, India and Ghana.

In November 2017 the show ‘A Room with a View’ will have
its world premiere in Amsterdam. In which the audience will
witness people from all layers of society: managers, cooks,
cleaners, soldiers, immigrants, politicians, secret lovers,
homeless looking for a place to sleep, people who are
oppressed and others who are oppressing.
Visit: for more.

This February is Moments with drones and Jelte Keur.Jelte studied at the University of Arts and worked seven years as an actor on stage, before his hobby and interest in film and photography was going to change his life. 
When the first drone options came on the market, he extended his hobby and soon visualized a certain video that he was going to make.  

One morning, he looked out his window and knew it was going to happen. The drone video of the Dom tower went viral and Jelte started to get a lot of offers. 
Today he is working fulltime as a drone pilot in his own company and has already worked in several countries around the globe.  

This February’s global theme is Moments. The theme was chosen by the CreativeMornings Montréal chapter and illustrated by Patrick Seymour

We’re excited to welcome Jelte Keur on Friday, February 24.
Love to see you there!

Last Friday we revealed our mystery speaker.
We had a most amazing and inspiring morning with Lightartist Titia Ex.Titia Ex works with light, movement and spatial perception. The work is always in a dialogue with its physical surroundings and is incomplete without it. The history of a site or the current use of the space plays a significant part in the interpretation of the art works. Works have been commissioned for many public spaces and exhibited around the world. Through light installations she intervenes in the time, space and energy of the environment. She received several awards like the best landscape art award 2013 for The Waiting from Coda WorX USA and the Urban and Landscape Lighting Lamp Award 2015 in Barcelona and The People Choice City Light Award 2016 in Seoul both for Dolmen Light.

This month’s theme is SOUND

To our highly creative brains, a sound is never a sound. These vibrations that pervade our lives contain layers of meaning—a range of questions, intentions, and purposes.

Even the absence of sound contains a world of uncertainty and curiosities, sometimes peace.

The theme was chosen by our Dublin chapter, presented globally by Wix, and illustrated by Derry Dillon.

In an era where authenticity is the new trend, Joël Vegt stands out with his claim for cherishing the make-believe and the pretended.

As a freelance photographer, real life game designer and interactive theatre maker, he will take you out to some of his projects in photography and interactive experience design where he created an enriching experience for his clients. He will also pretend to have done some projects that actually exist purely in his imagination. Why? Because for him, the question “Is it real?” is not as relevant as to design an enhanced dimension where people temporarily could replace the boredom or the stress of daily life existence. Welcome to our november’s theme: fantasy!

Theme 47: Transparency
We are a species that flourishes when we’re seen, when our work matters, and when we connect with and understand one another. What makes all of this possible is the posture of transparency—the willingness to be seen, knowing that transparency may not always be reciprocated or appreciated.

A boss sharing her vision with the team, looking your friend in the eye and telling the truth, or owning your mistakes—none of this is possible without transparency. These experiences are refreshing, and they change us because we’re used to having our shields up all of the time. It’s true it won’t always be joyful—transparency can lead to pain because truths are told and realities are flipped, but that doesn’t give merit to avoid it. Life is enormously better when we’re real with each other, and it makes us wonder why we can’t always assume this posture. Transparency merely invites us to do the hard work of building meaningful relationships the right way.

The was chosen by our Cincinnati chapter and illustrated by James Billiter.

Seize your moments is an international social art project by Janne Willems (1982), who collects beautiful moments from all over the world in order to discover what happiness looks like across the globe. The Netherlands-based trailblazer walks up to strangers and asks everyday people to draw a beautiful moment from last week. They cheer up after such a question and start talking to each other. Since 2010 this world traveler collected nearly 8000 beautiful moments in 30 countries. In order to do this over 500 people helped her.

Janne will talk about her latest adventures in the USA. A country split up by racial problems and the turmoil of upcoming elections that result in a lot of impressive stories.