The memory of the difficult breakup with her team is still fresh in her mind. But a cheerful product owner is ready to conquer the corporate dog-eat-dog world as a freelancer. But then a horrific virus takes the world by storm. Karlijn thought that she was cursed. It seems no one’s life is perfect, even for someone who appears to have everything. In this talk a cheerful introverted product owner shows you her supernatural powers to conquer the insecurities that try to take over her mind. Join her in this love triangle between her self-image, the way she is perceived and her fears. And find out more about her secret crush for K-drama. More info about the main character of this talk: or her K-drama watching habits on

Devon Yagian-Boutelle has nearly twenty years of experience in music composition, audio production and sound design. A product of the Southern California punk scene and its do-it-yourself ethos, in his 20s he co-founded an independent record label which specialised in the production and distribution of unapologetically low-fi metal and experimental music. selling records and related merchandise all over the world.He holds a master’s degree in the design of sound for the moving image from the Glasgow School of Art, and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology from Berkeley, California. He is also a practicing artist and musician who has shown work and performed throughout North America, Europe and Western Asia. He previously lectured in music for the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.Devon recently moved to Utrecht with his new start-up - Stilte Collective - which is aiming to develop new technologies and services for the creative media sector, as well as invest in and develop opportunities for a wider group of artists and creators around the world.

Kevin ‘Blaxtar’ de Randamie (Braenworks) is a creative entrepreneur and an award winning writer and performer. Starting out in Dutch underground hip-hop under the name “Blaxtar”, Kevin developed into a poetically inclined artist who found more than one application for his wordcraft. Multinationals like Heineken, Intel and many others invited ‘Blaxtar’ to help them bridge the gap between business goals and creative messaging. His transformation of Heineken’s sustainability report 2015 into his own creative expression won a prestigious communication award in Berlin. His creative workshops are helping international corporate managers and entire teams to overcome their fear of performance and to build their skill set in storytelling. In 2017 he kickstarted the #CreativeRevolution movement, which snowballed into the launch of the Braenworks Academy; a business school specifically designed to train and coach creative minds how to grow their business in a sustainable way. As the founder and owner of multiple business ventures drenched in creativity, Kevin loves sharing his insights to bring the world of creativity and the world of business together. The beauty of it all: when those two worlds are in harmony amazing things can happen.

“You’re not lost if you know where you’re going”.

I love working in amusement, leisure and hospitality because I love to see Guests smiling and happy. I’ve been doing that for the last 19 years in theme parks, visitor attractions and experiences; in sales & marketing, operations, general management; in executive positions, as supplier and for specialised agencies. Currently I sprinkle magic over my creature, The Pirates Experience: a revolutionary, realistic, interactive adventure; a time travel; the first attraction in the World allowing Guests to live -day and night- as Pirates.

“Imagine; Plan; one-by-one, Get it done”
Luca Liboa

Sander Petit

As an attorney-at-law, Sander has a strong focus on the media, arts and entertainment industry. He is specialized in intellectual property and contract law. As he is a DJ and former clothing label owner himself, he loves working for clients in the creative industry. Sander has worked for several DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s, international management and booking agencies, record labels, music publishers, websites, festivals, designers, poets, writers, photographers and producers.On a regular basis, Sander is guest lecturer at Herman Brood Academy, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Codarts and Hogeschool van Amsterdam, among others. He has also written several articles about the legal side of the creative industry for DJ Mag NL, Gigstarter and Dancefair Magazine.Professionally also known as De Dance-advocaat (The Dance Lawyer), Sander shares a lot of his legal knowledge about the creative industry via Instagram (, Facebook ( and his website credit: Nortoir

Stan Boshouwers invites everyone in his own World of Wonder, the studio of Tinker imagineers. He recently co-authored a book with the title: Worlds of Wonder, describing 25 years of ‘imagineering’, the art of crafting narrative spaces and events. Stan explains how he perceives space as the inside of a curious mind, and how psychology and spatial design got mixed up in a unique and effective way. ‘Curiousity is our highest cognitive faculty. And it is available to anyone at any moment. It is the perfect carrier for big, infectious ideas’. Larded with examples, Stan hopes to teleport some of those to his guests.

With a rather unique background, graduated at both Art School (bachelor in Art from theatre school) and Business University (MBA at Nyenrode), I have been combining creativity and business for over ten years now. I was the co-founder of game development studio Monobanda and later of applied game company Active Cues, that produced the Tovertafel (Magic Table). Currently I am the International new business manager at Active Cues, as well a coach for creative entrepreneurs to help them with the business side of their company.


Richard den Hartog is a versatile entrepreneur with a strong connection to the city of Utrecht. His current project Eaudegracht offers a smart alternative to bottled water for local Cafes and Restaurants.

Growing up in a big family of 17 siblings, Richard had to find his own way at an early age. Despite bureaucratic challenges, he managed to get a central Utrecht location as flower seller. A decade later he switched to the hospitality industry, opening Pub ’t College in Utrecht. In the past 20+ years he became a well-known hospitality entrepreneur with a broad network. This very network enabled him to realise a seemingly naive idea: distribute stylish water bottles in which local Cafes and Restaurants can offer free tap water to consumers. Bottles are sold as gift or souvenir for tourists. Richard is very thankful for the opportunities Utrecht offered to him, Eaudegracht being more of a passion project rather than a business-driven initiative.

“I want to give something back”


Carol P. Govaert is from San Jose, California and currently lives in Amsterdam. She is the photographer for her alter ego Magpeye. Carol has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Although she enjoyed certain aspects of the business world; she knew something was missing in her life. There was a time about 10 years ago when there were several traumatic experiences that took place like a domino effect. Carol felt lost and was at a crossroads. Photography was something that always fascinated her. It hit her like a lighting bolt that she should pursue photography seriously, which she did at the Fotoakademie in Amsterdam.

She specializes in commercial photography under the name This work is for her clients where she uses her marketing knowledge and photography skills to bring their concepts into the realm of reality. Her conceptual work is her own very personal creations.

Photography is the means Carol utilizes to be part of a community, explore the world, exorcise demons and keeps her sane.

‘’Create your own reality’’

photo credits: photographer at Magpeye Photography

The Japanese word for training or practicing Aikido is ‘keiko’. It consists of the two characters 稽 and 古, which in themself mean ‘consider’ and (the) ‘old’. In this lecture Dimme explores how Japanese Martial Art, drawing portraits, teaching Interface Design, iGeneration students and Life Long Learning might relate more to eachother than you would expect.   About the speaker:
Dimme graduated as an Interaction Designer in 1999. Combining his love for drawing with the art of Interaction Design he founded Monkeybizniz, a company specializing in Playful Interactions. Projects range from placemats to interactice animations to applied games, with subjects ranging from teenagers dealing with upcoming loss of a loved one, therapy adherence for children and a tool to help the government design policies for sustainability. After a 6 month sabbatical in Japan to practice Aikido full time, Dimme was asked to manage the studies Game Design, Game Art and Interaction at the Utrecht University of the Arts.
In his spare time he loves to draw digital portraits and hands.