Designing for Zero // The Genius of a Closed Loop System

Food waste is a complex and ridiculous human problem. Each year industrialized countries waste as much food as the net production of all sub-Saharan Africa, yet there are still starving people in the world. Professor and self-proclaimed “maggot farmer” Paul Rabaut proposes redesigning our agricultural processes to mimic the genius of nature. If we reclassify waste as “misplaced resources,” we can do a lot to address climate change and food security at the same time

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Paul Rabaut is a professor of science at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida. When he isn’t in the classroom, you can find him wandering in the mountains of California or weeding the tomato plants in his garden. A self proclaimed “maggot farmer,” he has dedicated himself to scientific literacy and educating his community about environmental issues, while limiting his own ecological footprint in the process. He and his wife, Kali, started Suncoast Compost, a community composting business focused on curbside pickup and waste solutions for residents, businesses, and events.

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