One woman’s discovery about her roots redefined how she viewed her childhood, her relationships, and her creative process.

About the speaker

Are we born with our unique characteristics or are they something we learn? Nikki DeFeo has always defined herself as a creative-type; her identity was inextricably tied to her talents. But when she learned something surprising about herself, her creative process was disrupted. And she had to rediscover her relationships, her roots and the stuff that makes her who she is.

Nikki DeFeo is a writer, designer and strategist who’s worked in advertising for over 17 years. She’s written several novels (many of which will never be read by anyone but her mom) and loves to create elaborate crafts with her daughter. She uprooted her family from their home in New York City to move to the seacoast of New Hampshire in 2015, mostly because of her love of lobster and tugboats.

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