We most often think of muse as a person who inspires our creative work. But a muse can be anything that sparks a fire, causing us to muse (ponder and reflect) about our values, spirituality, what kind of person we want to be, how we want to live our life. A muse can also inspire our world view.

We all need a muse. We need inspiration. We even crave it. Because we know how it makes us feel. Energized. Alive. Motivated. Curious. We know that inspiration helps us to move forward in life, to grow; to express ourselves more fully; to live life true to who we really are and our world view.

Born in Boston to Filipino immigrants, Karina Quintans grew up on four continents, and has traveled to over 40 countries. She identifies as a Third Culture Kid. It follows that her lifelong sources of inspiration, her muses, have to do with place. Place—and all that gives it a sense of place including its history, natural resources, people, culture, and community.

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being motivated to write my personal stories past first draft.

I'd love to say Michelle and Barack Obama because I do admire them a lot. But I don't know them personally. On a personal level, I admire the people around me and what each offers in my relationship with them and to the world. I have modeled a lot of what I do and how I try to be as a person and professional by observing and getting to know the people immediately around me. It's hard to pick just one person.

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