All things being equal, does finding your dream job really matter?

His name is Nik, and he doesn’t know what he is doing – according to him. He’s had a lot of great jobs and done a lot of great work, but does finding his dream job really matter? Nik has a pattern: land a new gig→ get antsy→quit→repeat. But this is not a bad thing. He also has profound advice, and relies on serendipity to guide him. And it’s leading him closer to his life’s purpose each step of the way.

About the speaker

Nik Daum is a recent transplant to Nashville after a lifetime of not being in Nashville.

He has over a decade of experience conceiving and art directing ad campaigns for clients large and small. The smallest client was under 5 feet tall and represented a soda conglomerate that was enormous.

While continuing the relentless pursuit of advertising, he also enjoys photography, design, illustration, and writing—sometimes even for money!

Nik Daum currently lives with a wife and no dogs in a dark cloud of uncertainty.

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    There's a great recent episode of Hidden Brain that talks about getting unstuck from the idea of a "dream job." It's worth your time to listen:

    Stu Walker • September 14, 2017