It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a slime mold climbing up a building?

“Strange, especially because of combining items that are never found together in reality” - there are many definitions of “Surreal,” but this is the one that best fits Nicole. Nicole’s work is grounded in reality, in science, and in only things which are found in nature. She uses these elements in combinations which surprise and delight the viewer. By using the magic of surrealism she captures the audience’s attention, opening up the possibility for a deeper experience, and and allowing them to drop their preconceived notions of what art is meant to be.

About the speaker

Nicole Banowetz is a Colorado sculptor who makes sewn inflatable sculptures. Nicole’s work is inspired by the natural world. She addresses human qualities while using the imagery she finds in the animal, plant, mineral, and bacterial worlds. Nicole has lived and worked internationally taking part in a range of artist in residency programs and has shown around the world in festivals and exhibitions such as the Amsterdam Light Festival, The Open Art Biennial in Sweden, The Barefoot Path Environmental exhibit in Finland, and in the Biennial of the Americas in Denver. She is represented by Gray Contemporary in Houston and currently is showing a large interactive installation, The Incubation Effect, at the Denver Art Museum.

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As creatives and artists, it’s really important to think about how we can bring people in because everyone’s creative and everyone can understand art, but there’s a barrier in our society where people kind of shut off and are afraid. — Nicole Banowetz

That’s the great thing about surrealism—it appeals to everyone because we recognize something in it that we can feel comfortable thinking about. It’s sort of like a hook and it pulls us in. — Nicole Banowetz

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