Hello Denver! I always enjoy meeting other creative professionals and if I'm not working I'm skiing and or/jumping off things.

I'm currently seeking new challenges with great new ambitious Denver professionals. Reach out and say hello at the next event! - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenbaumdesign

Creative Direction and Brand Experience. I'm also a trained UX'er, Illustrator, and Certified Professional Photographer.

I can be a total workaholic. I have a home studio and often am up working by 430 am. I am pretty driven to constantly improve myself. Sometimes I just go to the lake with my camera and my son to breath deep and capture some beauty (on an SD card) lol..

~ Do what you love, then find a way to make $ at it. ~You have the same amount of time today that Leonardo Da Vinci had. ~Do something nice and don't get caught. ~Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.

The people that don't tell you how good they are, they show you.

An 'upbeat' enthusiasm for life and an attitude that each day is a new opportunity!

I make a 'mean' pie crust! (Really, I do!) I have a pretty diverse background and a history of being resourceful... Teaching is my backup / retirement plan. I enjoy teaching and lesson plan development.

People that are passionate about what they do.

The importance of personal integrity, being true to your dreams, and how cool it is to contribute to the success of others.

The humorous one occasionally sent in a friendly email that is appropriate for that situation / recipient when the timing is right.

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