When the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood is thriving and revitalized then we will know that Buffalo is truly back.

Buffalo’s story is complex and complicated. It is a story of injustice against native americans, European migration, industrialization, economic rise and fall, racial segregation and discrimination , white flight, refugees and more recently of revitalization and hope of a better and more just city. The Broadway Fillmore neighborhood embodies the Buffalo story in unique ways. When this neighborhood is thriving again only then can we say that Buffalo has come back.

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Dr. Myron Glick and his wife started Jericho Road back in 1997. At the time, it was just a little part of the current building on Barton Street. They had to get money from a bank to start the place and it started as a private business. Their goal was to serve those who needed health care the most, specifically the poor and people who are most vulnerable.

From the beginning, 20 years ago, Dr. Glick and his wife worked hard to serve people on the West Side of Buffalo and now they’ve spread out through all of Buffalo to serve those who needed health care the most—some who couldn’t afford to pay and those who didn’t have health insurance. “At the time it was me, my wife, a part-time nurse and front office person. The first week we saw three patients. Today, 20 years later we’ve grown tremendously.”

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