“We use ink to translate our feelings and experiences into something people can understand.”

Megan tells stories of how she entered the world of being a tattoo artist and what ink means to her.

About the speaker

Megan Emery Cates is a tattoo artist and owner of Bijou Studio. Established in 2009, Bijou Studio is a premier custom tattoo shop located in East Austin. With 14 years of tattoo experience, and over 20 years of collecting tattoos, Megan is no stranger to ink. She is a Virginia native, but has called Austin home for 16 years.

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In a lot of ways, tattooing is like creating your own scrapbook that you wear every day. It connects you to your past, whereas you may not look at it and actively think about your past every day, you have that opportunity, and it can link you to what you were 15, 10, 5 years ago, or last week. — Megan Cates

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