I take photos for people and organizations that make them proud of who they are, and what they do; commercial & marketing, portraits & headshots, lively events.

quality over quantity; connecting with and interpersonal communications; shutter speed, aperture and iso; enthusiast publications & media relations; personal growth and mindful development. i can also spit-shine leather boots and shoes to a high gloss, but have yet to find a professional application for such skills.

delving into larger, commercial photoshoots; business management and life planning and organization; figuring out what to do with all this hair on my head.

learn to be gentle with yourself, lead with compassion, and don't overthink a task before commencing.

buddha, the dalai lama, mother theresa... and all others who have realized their own inner goodness, only to turn around and care and love for those around them who are still on that journey.

some say my hair... i think it's my ability to connect with people of all kinds and from all backgrounds.

never planned one. just do what i love.

my home phone number from when i was a kid growing up in glencoe, il.

meditation... it will last you a lifetime.