Schaake is convinced that the best way to move forward is taking one step back.

As co-owner of Utrecht-based User Experience Design agency eend, she and her team are on a quest to (re)design a new, more user-friendly world wide web, one website at a time. Schaake speaks on how she uses alternative, even low-tech methods (think paper prototypes) and good old-fashioned collaboration in tackling the latest online design conundrums.

About the speaker

If you don’t know how to start solving a problem, it’s often a good idea to take a step backwards. Try a different approach, fall back on low-tech alternatives or enlist other people’s help in making sense of the problem. In this talk, Marrije shows you some practical steps for tackling the real-world content challenges of (re)designing for the responsive web. While having fun!

Marrije Schaake is joint owner of Eend, a User Experience Design agency in Utrecht. She works on architectures, content structures and making the web easier to use and more human. She also cultivates a healthy interest in the quirkier corners of the web, like the internet of things and physical computing. Plus books. Books are great.

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