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Markus, born 1966, grew up in the Eastern part of Switzerland. In 1989 he successfully discontinued his economics studies at the University of Geneva and became an entrepreneur. His vision: decipher the DNA of innovation and develop scalable, robust, replicable processes to produce fresh ideas. The “Idea Machine” was ready by 1997 and launched by Markus’ company BrainStore.

Markus has a large network of freelancers and applied the process for a wide variety of organisations: e.g. BMW, the National Academy, MIGROS, the Swiss Railways, Greenpeace or the UN. Markus also works with individuals, who for instance need and idea for a name for a dog. He has lectured at Cornell University, IBM, the University of Geneva etc. Markus is the author of the book “The Innovation Champ’s Handbook”. He just returned from a one year stay in NYC.

Markus will join us to speak about “Connect” in the context of innovation; how to build a community of people who “Connect” to create ideas, how to “Connect” process steps to create great ideas, how to “Connect” leading ideas on roadmaps, how to “Connect” innovation and innovation culture within an organization to make things happen.

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What is the purpose of your organisation? The corporate world immediately answers, “It is to make money!” No, no, no, no, no! To make money might be an instrument to pursue a purpose, but what is the purpose? — Markus Mettler

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