Design, Speaker & Connector.

I am a French designer living in Lausanne, Switzerland.

For 16 years, I've been collecting experiences in different digital, advertising and media agencies, working for brands and as a freelance designer.

And now, I'm working as Senior Designer and Privacy Advocate at Liip, a progressive UX and agile agency in Lausanne. I'm proud to work on great projects for great clients, at the crossover of design and privacy.

I also run 17slash, a design union and research lab where we love to organize creative events and experiment with typography, grids and connected devices.

I am the co-founder and core team member of CreativeMornings Geneva, monthly events gathering creative thinkers in Switzerland. I've also helped to organize UXRomandie, the IxDA local chapter, and co-founded UX Lausanne, the biggest conference about user experience in the country. I've also been the French ambassador of the Behance creative network and I've organized the Behance Portfolio Reviews in Geneva.

Finally, in my spare time, I host Hackstock, a podcast about privacy and the hacker culture, and I also used to talk on The Walking Web, the first French podcast about web design and creativity.

Design, typography, UX, code, privacy, productivity, rock'n'roll, jazz, pizza...

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My grand-father, because he leads a huge family, he used to manage a very respected family business, and he founded several professional organizations and schools, to share his craft, empower young people and promote the work of his community.

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