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Based in Vancouver, BC Canada, Marie has a history of making non-linear career choices that have led her on a fulfilling and inspired professional journey. Prior to her current role as VP of Marketing at HEXONET, an international domain name registrar, she was responsible for creating a new level of employment at one of Canada’s top colleges; building teams and departments at Vancouver based advertising agencies; leading international award winning marketing and social media campaigns; and launching a successful consulting business. An avid fan of Creative Mornings (having sponsored the first-ever Creative Mornings event in Vancouver a decade ago), she is confident in delivering an engaging and meaningful talk to the Cologne Creative Mornings community. When not working to connect people and ideas, Marie is hiking, travelling, and searching for her next great meal.

Talk (September topic: Chaos) You may often hear people suggest looking for opportunity, but our September speaker believes in the personal capacity to create opportunity. The natural chaos that surrounds us in day to day life often holds many new opportunities, we just need to be open to identifying and acting upon them. Coming from a background in creating new roles where none previously existed, Marie is excited to speak about her experience of creating opportunity in the chaos of life and business. A natural part of life delivers chaos, it’s how we choose to play with it that makes all the difference.

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