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Ulli Kilberth mit „Lauter, Leute.“

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June 16, 8:30am • • part of a series on Survival

This month we have invited Max Heere und Paul Peeters from gearo. They will talk about this month’s global theme ‘Moments’. But before we all get to meet them at Grandcentrix, we’ve asked the founders to answer a few questions about themselves and what we can expect from the talk on Friday, February t7th:

What’s your creative profession?
(Paul) Max and I studied design at KISD: Köln International School of Design. Since we graduated with a BA in integrated design in 2016, I guess you could refer to us as designers. Yet, the area of design with it’s many disciplines is such a broad field and especially through today’s digital possibilities the borders between the various design areas are blurred even more. When we founded the gearo GmbH in the beginning of 2016, we were facing a whole lot of other responsibilities in accounting, business development and marketing. You see, it gets even more tricky to name precise job descriptions (laughing).

After all, I’d say that we are graphic, interface, identity, service and motion designers, as well as photographers, videographers and entrepreneurs.

What will you be sharing with the CreativeMornings community on Friday, February 17th?
(Max) We’ll be jumping on CreativeMornings global theme #moments emphasizing on the influence of design on moments created by products and services. It’s really magnificent how our daily interactions create unique moments that determine our experiences. Some moments are inevitably, others happen randomly and some are provoked by ourselves driven by our desires. Our emotions connected to those situations range from positive to negative and everything inbetween. As much as some moments are determined by environments that we have little influence on such as random social encounters or even weather situations, as much can we shape moments by designing products, interfaces or services.

During the conceptualization of, we gave a long thought regarding the emotions we want to trigger in our users. So we’ll be sharing first hand insights about our design process and subsequently give all attendees a clue what it takes to design a startup from bottom to top.

Maximilian Heere

How is Cologne and its creative scene special to you?
(Paul) The cologne people love to refer to their hometown as the media capital of germany. One can credit this expression to the hearty pride of the city’s residents, but when you look at the huge media house Mediengruppe RTL or Germany’s biggest public-broadcasting institution, the WDR – both headquarters based in Cologne – you’ll see that the gap between the city’s ambition and reality isn’t that big after all. In addition to that, Cologne hosts various large and medium size media agencies, production houses, film- and fotostudios as well as multiple smaller creative agencies, often founded by graduates of the many cologne design, media and art schools.

Cologne might not be able to keep up with Berlin’s creative mojo when it comes to international recognition and hipness, but we feel that this is actually the biggest opportunity favouring the city. The economical potential, with many major cities, like Düsseldorf, Leverkusen and the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region – all just a stone throw away – is huge. Yet Cologne remains a mellow vibe and it’s still relatively easy to build a professional network and reputation as a creative or entrepreneur. I guess all those things factor in to make cologne a truly unique place for creatives.

Paul Peeters

What’s your creative clue for the community?
(Max) I know this sounds a little cheesy, but I feel that right now it’s a really good time to start a business as a creative. Make use of the technological and economical possibilities and define the role of design in every industry.

Where could our society need some mystery?
(Paul) Since I’m the Co-Founder of a tech startup, I’m everything but a technological pessimist. Yet, considering the way we communicate, the way we are using data and the fact that automation will play a huge roll in the future, it keeps me wondering about how much mystery is actually going to remain in our society.

Thank you Max und Paul for this interview! We look forward to your talk next week. For more information on the event and how to grab your (free!) ticket, visit the event page. Tickets go live on Monday, February 13th at 9am.

This month we have invited Jana Marie Backhaus. She will talk about this month’s global theme ‘Mystery’. But before we all get to meet her at HMKW Köln, we’ve asked Jana to answer a few questions about herself and what we can expect from her talk on Friday, January 27th:

What’s your creative profession?
I am an actress. Nevertheless I started doing many different things combined with acting like writing theatre plays for kids and stand-up comedy. I also work as a voice artist, radio host and clown. 

What will you be sharing with the CreativeMornings community on Friday, January 27th?
My talk will be about how to make things easier and become a happier creative person by stopping to explain all the details of your art and your art of life. Especially to people who work normal 9 to 5 jobs. A pinch of mystery will also transform how you see your own work! 

How is Cologne and its creative scene special to you?
To me it means being well connected. When I moved from Berlin to Cologne in 2012 I immediately felt the change. It is a completely different vibe to me. In Cologne creative people wanna lift eachother up instead of creating negativity through rivalry.

What’s your creative clue for the community?
Sometimes you don’t need to understand who you are and in which creative field you have your home - as long as you enjoy being that person!

Where could our society need some mystery?
I think what our society needs in terms of mystery is that people start enjoying little secrets and surprises again. The best parts of my life came as a surprise and things I planned never worked out at all.

Thank you Jana for this interview! We look forward to your talk at the end of the month. For more information on the event and how to grab your (free!) ticket, visit the event page. Tickets go live on Monday the 23rd at 9am.

And a big shout-out to Adobe, who are our new regional breakfast sponsor! Have a look at their Adobe Creative Residency programme…

It’s easy to generate ideas, but the real work is in creating and shipping those ideas.

What if you were held accountable for those big ideas? What if you were supported by a creative community with a space to talk about your process, tools, resources and mentors? What project would you work on?

The Adobe Creative Residency gives talented individuals the opportunity to spend a year working on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. Adobe provides Residents with access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from advisors and a full salary package.

In return, you will proactively create compelling work, while sharing your process, insights and inspiration with the community along the way.

Adobe is accepting applications in January 2017 and the residency year will start in May.

You can start your application here.

This month we have invited Eva Mohr with She will talk about this month’s global theme ‘Fantasy’. But before we all get to meet her at Solution Space, we’ve asked Eva to answer a few questions about herself and what we can expect from her talk on Friday, November 25th:

What’s your creative profession?
I’m the co-founder of an e-commerce platform for fashion and urban cycling couture. I don’t think I have a creative profession by definition – if there is such a thing.

I simply like to take action on creative ideas and make them happen. Sometimes I’m successful at it and sometimes I fail, but I always get something good (at least for myself) out of it.

What will you be sharing with the CreativeMornings community on Friday, 25th November?
I will be speaking about fantasy and imagination in order to make better use of our creative potential. We (as adults) need to become more confident in the way we let our imagination run free. It’s not a breakthrough thought, and we actually all already now that. But it’s good to be reminded sometimes to simply allow ourselves to be and feel “fantastic”.

How is Cologne and its creative scene special to you?
I moved to cologne after living and working abroad and have to admit I was a bit worried about the move. Mainly because in the past I’ve been very fortunate to always be surrounded with very creative minds. But fortunately I was wrong and soon after arrival I met people that share a similar creative and entrepreneurial spirit.          

The only thing I realized is, that people here are sometimes not very confident about their creative work and are quite hesitant about sharing their thoughts, ideas and work in public. What’s very special about the community here, is that it’s a quite small, close-knit community and once you dig deeper and build closer relationships with people you find great potential for creative collaboration and conversation. It just takes some more time than elsewhere I think.

What’s your creative clue for the community?
Be more confident and proud of the amazing things you do. Period.

Where could our society need some fantasy?
It’s a very complex topic. But in my opinion many fields like politics, education or the economic sector could use the help of more “fantastic”, creative and playful minds. Mainly to help people think outside the box. And I’m convinced that this will eventually lead to happier, healthier and more tolerant communities.

Thank you Eva for this interview! We look forward to your talk next week at Solution Space. For more information on the event and how to grab your (free!) ticket, visit the event page. Tickets go live on Monday the 21st at 9am.

Eine Woche mit...

Karina Schmidt (Organisations-Team CreativeMornings CGN) stellt Euch Menschen rund um unser Community vor. Den Anfang macht sie mit Elisabeth Kindler, unser Fotografin im September, Oktober und November. Wir hoffen natürlich, dass Eli uns noch viele Monate erhalten bleibt. Danke für deinen Support! #Giddyup

Jobs in der Kreativbranche tragen ein nahezu fantastisches Lifestyle-Image. Natürlich ist alles nicht so locker flockig wie es sich anhört. Wir wollen mit den Mythen aufräumen und geben einen Einblick in den Arbeitsalltag kreativer Köpfe. Hier eine Infografik mit Elisabeth Kindler und eine typische Woche aus ihrem Arbeitsalltag:

Letztes Jahr habe ich ein Event für eine Firma fotografiert. Es war eine Veranstaltung für Mitarbeiter und Kunden der Firma im Anschluss an eine Messe in Düsseldorf. Am Anfang des Abends waren alle Leute chic gekleidet, wirkten seriös und nett. Nach dem offiziellen Teil der Veranstaltung (Reden etc.) haben alle wahnsinnig viel Alkohol getrunken. Nach kurzer Zeit gab es kein Jacket oder Krawatte mehr, alle jubelten auf der Tanzfäche. Man kann also sagen: “gelungene Party”. Ich sollte allerdings bis nachts um 1 Uhr für den Kunden die Feier fotografisch festhalten. Betrunkene Leute finden es lustig, einem zu versuchen die Kamera wegzunehmen und selber zu fotografieren. Ich habe dafür eher wenig Verständnis, denn es handelt sich immerhin um mein Arbeitswerkzeug. Kaputte Gläser auf dem Boden, Drinks auf meiner Kleidung, ältere Männer, die dachten es wäre angebracht, zu versuchen die Fotografin anzugraben … Eskalation!


Dein Fotografenalltag besteht also nicht aus fröhlichem Rumknipsen in netter Gesellschaft und mit super heißen Models?
Auch wenn manche Leute das gerne glauben, sieht der Alltag doch oft anders aus. Als Kreativer unterschätzt man manchmal die organisatorische Seite der Selbstständigkeit. Neben den aufregenden Jobs, gibt es leider auch die Büroarbeit, die sehr viel Zeit in Anspruch nimmt. Buchhaltung, Terminorganisation, Rechnungen schreiben, Emails beantworten …

Du hast Kommunikationsdesign studiert und bist jetzt als Grafikerin, Fotografin und Hochzeitsfotografin tätig. Warum machst du einen Cut zur Hochzeitsfotografie?
Nach dem Studium habe ich ganz zufällig meinen Weg in die Hochzeitsfotografie gefunden. Wenn ich allerdings einem Grafikkunden erzähle, dass ich auch Hochzeiten fotografiere, bekomme ich häufig eine komische Resonanz darauf. Es wird von einem erwartet, dass man sich in einem Tätigkeitsfeld spezialisiert, sonst wird einem nicht so viel zugetraut. Ich persönlich finde das wirklich schade, denn ich genieße meinen abwechslungsreichen Alltag. Am Wochenende fotografiere ich eine Hochzeit, unter der Woche erstelle ich ein neues Corporate Design für z.B. einen Massage-Salon. Ich zehre von dem Input und kann daraus neue Kreativität gewinnen um frisch in einen anderen Job zu starten. Diese Abwechslung erhält mir meine Neugierde.

Hochzeitsfotografie - der Traumjob?
Ich liebe es Paare an ihrem Hochzeitstag zu begleiten und jeden Moment in Fotos einzufangen. Mein Lieblingsmoment ist das Getting Ready. Die Nervosität und Vorfreude liegt in der Luft und es gibt so viele spannende, intime Momente, die festgehalten werden wollen. In dieser Zeit baut sich eine persönliche Bindung zum Hochzeitspaar auf und eine Vertrauensebene für den ganzen Tag wird geschaffen.

Außerdem befasse ich mich gerne mit Details: Brautkleid, Blumen, Schuhe und das lachende Gesicht der Braut wenn sie sich endlich fertig im Spiegel sieht. Pure Emotionen liegen in der Luft. Ich schöpfe aus diesen Momenten die Kraft für einen langen Hochzeitstag, denn die Freude des Paares ist immerhin der Grund, warum man solch einen Job macht!

Gibt es auch entspannte Paare?
Ich treffe mich immer vorher mit den Brautpaaren. Bei einem persönlichen Kennenlernen kann man meistens schon fühlen, ob das Paar auf der gleichen Wellenlänge ist. Das ist für mich sehr wichtig, denn ich lege in meine Fotos viel persönliches Gefühl, und wie soll das aufkommen, wenn man sich nicht versteht? Also, ja, meine Paare sind eigentlich immer ziemlich cool! Natürlich machen sich manche mehr Gedanken als andere, aber mit ein paar Tipps und Tricks zum Hochzeitstag lässt sich auch die aufgeregteste Braut beruhigen. Jede Hochzeit ist auf ihre Art und Weise einzigartig. Auch wenn ich schon öfters in der gleichen Location war, versuche ich jedes Mal einen neuen Blickwinkel zu bekommen und neue Details zu entdecken, damit kein einziges Foto austauschbar wird. Jedes Paar ist anders und soll auch seine ganz individuellen Erinnerungen von mit festgehalten bekommen.

Da gibt es viele! Ich liebe meine Arbeit und es ist wirklich selten, dass ich nach Hause komme und denke: “was war das denn bitte?” Ich lasse mich schnell von der Freude meiner Kunden anstecken und genieße, die glücklichen Momente, die ich festhalten darf. Egal wie lang oder anstrengend so mancher Tag sein mag, die Freude von Kunden über schöne Fotos machen alles wett!

A contemporary business needs INNOVATION – Innovation needs SPACE – Space needs ORGANISATION! Welcome to SOLUTION SPACE!

Located in the central area of Cologne – right beside the Cologne Cathedral – SOLUTION SPACE offers 3.500 m² of creative rooms and spaces for your workshops, conferences, meetings, product presentations, job interviews, training courses, annual meetings and more.
In less than 5 minutes by foot you´re at Cologne central station which provides all public and major transportation links, IC and ICE to CNG and DUS International Airports included.


SOLUTION SPACE is already known as one of the best and most central locations for networking events, a vast array of art and cultural events and also as the cities´ meeting point and place to be for founders, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.
SOLUTION SPACE does not only provide creative space for individual office rooms and startups, but also builds bridges between different working environments and connects creative startups and founders, SMEs and long-established companies to find new sources of inspiration, thought-provoking impulses and new impetuses.

We offer workshop-, conference- and meetingrooms in several sizes (audio-visual technical systems can be provided), an event area (190 m²) up to 200 PAX, a FabLab and a cosy café for socialising (also rentable as event location) where we offer coffee, food & soft drinks.
Our more than 60 office spaces can be rented in the short, medium and long term and our coworking area (halfday tickets up to montly use available) offers a beautiful view of the Cologne Cathedral.

For detailed pricing information and customised offers please contact Please find more contact information on our website 


Eine moderne Arbeitswelt braucht Innovation – Innovation braucht Raum – Raum braucht Organisation! Willkommen im SOLUTION SPACE!

In zentraler Lage in der Kölner Innenstadt und mit Blick auf den Kölner Dom bietet der SOLUTION SPACE auf über 3.500qm kreative Räumlichkeiten für Ihre Seminare, Workshops, Produktpräsentationen, Vorstellungsgespräche, Fortbildungen, Jahresversammlungen oder andere Veranstaltungen.
In weniger als 5 Minuten erreicht man zu Fuß den Kölner Hauptbahnhof mit Anschluss zu allen gängigen öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln inklusive ICE.

Der SOLUTION SPACE ist bereits Location für diverse Netzwerk-Events, Kunst- und Kulturveranstaltungen, sowie als Treffpunkt und Anlaufstelle für die junge Gründerszene und digitale Nomaden bekannt.
Darüber hinaus versteht sich der SOLUTION SPACE nicht nur als Vermieter von Räumen und Startup-Büros, sondern schlägt zugleich eine Brücke zwischen den verschiedenen Arbeitswelten und verknüpft kreative Startups und Gründer, KMU ́ s und alteingesessene Konzerne, um neue Inspirationsquellen, Denkanstöße und Impulse zu geben.

Der SOLUTION SPACE bietet Ihnen Seminar- und Workshopräume in verschiedenen Größen, eine große Eventfläche für bis zu 200 Personen, eine Werkstatt und ein gemütliches Wohnzimmer-Café.
Zudem besteht die Möglichkeit, kurz-, mittel- oder langfristig eines oder gleich mehrere der mehr als 65 Büros zu mieten oder stunden-, tage- oder monatsweise den hellen Coworkingbereich mit Blick auf den Kölner Dom zu nutzen.

Für detaillierte Preisaufkünfte und individuelle Angebote kontaktieren Sie bitte Weitere Kontaktmöglichkeiten finden Sie auf 


Solution Space Innovationshaus am Dom
Am Hof 20-26
50667 Kö
Tel.: 0221 165 319 30

Mo. – Fr.: 9:00 – 18:00 Uhr


grandcentrix is widely considered the market leading system integrator for building complex digital products in the German-speaking area. We offer product management consulting, concept development, interaction design, implementation, system integration and 24/7 ISO 27001 services operation. Customers with a mobile-first approach profit from our special product teams, which help accelerate time-to-market and deliver interims management services for key areas like product management and infrastructure operation.

grandcentrix has launched many x-large productions for renowned industry customers like AXA, Miele, Migros, RTL Media Group, Siedle, Bosch and many others.


Als Qualitätsführer für die Realisierung von nativen Apps und cross-platform Apps mit klarem Fokus auf Smart Home (Home Automation), Internet of Things (IoT), Retail und Mobile Commerce konzipieren wir zielorientiert, designen leidenschaftlich, entwickeln integrativ und betreiben zuverlässig.

Mit über 70 dedizierten Mobile- und Backend Entwicklern, User Experience Designern und agilen Projektmanagern in Festanstellung sind wir der erfolgreichste, auf App Entwicklung spezialisierte, kreative Systemintegrator im deutschsprachigen Raum. Es gibt einen guten Grund, warum marktführende Unternehmen seit Jahren auf grandcentrix als ihre Lead App Agentur vertrauen.

Wir betreiben eigene carrier-grade-Infrastruktur nach DIN ISO/IEC 27001 und deutschem Datenschutz an zwei vollständig redundanten Standorten in Deutschland und sind von Google empfohlener Google Cloud Platform Partner for Mobile.

grandcentrix entwickelt nativ für Android, iOS und Windows Phone und cross-platform mit Xamarin und responsiven Web Technologien. Unser User Experience Design Team ist auf großartige Produktionen für Post-PC Geräte spezialisiert.


Jaqueline Diedam (Brazil), Raoul Döring (Germany) and Yuki Fukuda (Japan) are  our speaker for Friday’s talk on the global theme #BROKEN. But before we all get the chance to meet them at Veedelswerk, we asked a few questions about themselves, their Cologne guide “Not Just Another Guide To Cologne” and what we can expect from their talk:

CMCGN: When you get stuck creatively, what is the first thing you do to get unstuck?
Y: I go out and take a walk through the city. Also talking to people who are not working in the so called “creative field” helps to get out of the stuck – it widen-ups my view and it’s inspiring. Also visiting museums and exhibitions also helps.
R: It might sound like a fortune cookie wisdom but taking a break works wonders for me. I like to just get up from the table, go out, take walks in the park, go swimming, have a coffee, basically do anything but think about the problem. I find that the moment when I come back from this mental break is often the moment when ideas start to come easier.
J: I take a break, and go to Pinterest or Instagram. Seeing great works on social media, and how it’s received by the public really inspires me to go back to work.

CMCGN: Any advice for working in teams?
Y: In our team we naturally worked together without any specific rules. We knew each other before we started the project, so we trusted in each other of what we are doing. During the project, we stayed open to criticism, so we didn’t take any comments of the other personally and always focused on finding the best idea. An advice for working in teams: communicate the smallest things, just to make sure everyone is having the same information and we all are on the same level of knowledge.
R: One of the most important things is to be sure to communicate clearly what you are doing and where everything is heading. In a team, frequent exchange of information is one of the biggest factors for success. Being open for new ideas and different directions is something else that is crucial.
J: Listen and really pay attention to others’ opinions. The biggest problem in teams is always miscommunication. Listening can save a lot of time and energy, make your atmosphere better to work, leading to great results.


CMCGN: Who would you like to hear speak at CreativeMornings?
Y: Mike Meiré who also got nominated for the Kölner Design Preis. I would like to know more about his projects and the creative process.
R: I’m not sure if he has already but Christoph Niemann and his work interests me a lot since a long time. It is not only the outcome of his career that I find great but also his attitude and way of working that is quite interesting.
J: I’m glad to say the person I really wanted to hear has already spoken at CreativeMornings. Anna Bond, from Winter Park, Florida, the owner and creative director of Rifle Paper Co.

CMCGN: What is the one movie or book every creative must see/read?
Y: There are thousands of inspiring books for creatives but since you are asking… There is a very beautiful book that is called “Just another Guide to Cologne”! :)
R: If I could recommend one book for every creative it would probably be “Abstract City” by Christoph Niemann. It’s a fantastic book, very visual, that intersects many creative fields like art and design. Besides that it is hilariously funny too. I got it when I was just starting to be interested in design and it taught me a lot about visual storytelling and simplicity in design.
J: The book I love and always recommend for creatives, is the biography of Florence Broadhurst. Great designer, and incredible woman.

Erinnert ihr euch noch an das großartige 3D-Büffet bei Andreas Muxels Vortrag im September? Zu verdanken hatten wir es der Kaiserschote. 

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass die Kaiserschote uns am Freitag erneut unterstützt. Die Kaiserschote begleitet jede Veranstaltung mit thematisch passendem Catering, daher dürft ihr auch diesmal gespannt sein, wie sie das Thema „Demut“ kulinarisch interpretieren.

Ihr kennt die Kaiserschote noch nicht? Dann lest, was sie zu aktuellen Food-Trends zu sagen haben.

Genüssliche Trendscouts

Lebenseinstellungen und Essgewohnheiten unterliegen einem ständigen Wandel, den ein ambitioniertes Cateringunternehmen frühzeitig aufspürt und umsetzt. Aktuell sind derzeit Themen wie „Streetfood“. Dieses SlowFastFood [engl. slow ‚langsam‘ fast ‚schnell‘ und food ‚Essen‘] bietet hier die Kombination aus der Qualität von frisch gekochtem, leckerem Essen aus besten Lebensmitteln und den Vorteilen von mobilem Fastfood. Einmachen ist auch „in“, Fermentation, sorgt hier für besondere Aromen. Bei den Drinks laufen momentan „Infused Spirits“ wie Vanilleschote im Wodka oder Tonkabohne im Rum. Aber auch die eigene Region bleibt Trumpf, die Wiederentdeckung regionaler Spezialitäten hält an und Einmachen, Räuchern und Beizen ist hip. Wir machen zum Luxus-Burger unseren Ketchup selbst, die kaffeegebeizte Entenbrust läuft super und der heißgeräucherte Flammlachs auch. Das vegane Leben boomt und da ein gutes, konzeptionelles Catering immer auch auf die Gästestruktur eingeht, machen wir viele Gäste mit einem veganen Quadratmeter am Buffet glücklich und allen anderen schmeckt es mindestens genauso gut. Man muss also kein »eingefleischter« Veganer sein, um unsere „Veggi-Pralinés“ oder den „Süßkartoffelsalat mit Tamarillo“ zu lieben. BBQ bleibt übrigens auch 2015 „in“ und die Vielfalt am Buffet sowieso.

Es wird also nicht langweilig für die Geschmacksknospen unserer Kunden, und wir sagen: „bis zum nächsten MA(H)L, mit dem Team der

Finally Cologne gets a base for creatives - made by a creative. And an ideal place for Dr. Hans-Christian Heilings talk on his ArtCoaching method.

THE QVEST HOTEL according to QVEST MAGAZINE, an independent fashion and lifestyle publication, opened doors this year.

A nice playground for QVEST Magazine creative director and editor-in-chief Michael Kaune, who placed parts of his private mid-century-design and Bauhaus interior- and photography collection into an amazing neo-Gothic building, the former archive of the City of Cologne, from 1897.

You can find interior originals by Charles & Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Harry Bertoia, Greta Grossman, Jaques Adnet, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray and many more, surrounded by photographies made by Roxanne Lowit, Richard Kern, Bruno Bisang, Marina Gaddoneix, Ralph Baiker, Sylvie Tillmann and others from the collection.

This hideaway is placed in the middle of the city center at one of the most hidden and silent squares of mid town Cologne, close to the cathedral, the hippest bars and stores. The house contains 34 individual rooms and a bar.
Next to the Hotel, in an old chapel from 1863, you will find a gallery for contemporary photography - Kaune, Posnik, Spohr, showing works by international established photographer.