Mareen has had it easy when we talk about photography. She used her first real camera when she was less than half the age she is now and has developed her skills ever since, now working as a photographer and photo producer for international clients.

She holds a diploma in communications design with a focus on staged photography which she carries on in her commercial work. She might photograph on simple and small as well as large sets to create a feeling for the viewer of being in the middle of it all. Apart from doing stock photo productions for Westend61 and Getty Images, her direct clients include Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, Krombacher, MAN, Nestlé, Sanofi, Swiss Life, Vivawest.

In between scenes and almost a decade ago, Mareen founded a professional photo-sharing platform for photographers and their clients when the time for it hadn’t come.

In her secret second profession, Mareen works as a voice-over artist and on other related tasks where she can just be herself or pretend to be somebody else for a moment.


meinem Auto, wenn es wieder mal ne Warnleuchte an hat.



Kochen und Backen mit dem Thermomix ;)