Empathy requires seeing the other one. Are mobile phones taking that away from us?

C.K. Lewis talked about how we are losing a human contact and our social skills are declining because we aren’t able to see the other person’s reaction and feelings. Are we becoming less emphatic as a consequence?

About the speaker

“He is me. She is me. He is me.”

This is what goes through MARIA TAARI’S head when strangers pass her on the street. She reminds herself that deep down we are all more similar than we like to think; we all have the same needs.

She quit her job as a graphic designer a couple of years ago took a long long trip. It turned out to be a journey into learning how to really ‘encounter’ people. For this next CreativeMornings/Helsinki, Maria will talk to us about EMPATHY – why is it that those genuine encounters can sometimes feel so difficult for us? What possibilities and unexpected consequences could the idea of EMPATHY hold for us?

In her new job, Maria meets people who are in pain and emotionally locked. To her EMPATHY is conscious witnessing through the heart and sometimes expressing feelings that the other person can’t. “I’m a travel companion into your core being, somebody walking with you”.

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