Maggie O'Neill shares her work, philosophy and focus on working with color.

About the speaker

Maggie O’Neill is a fine artist and Co-Founder of SwatchRoom, the full service design and fabrication company based in Shaw. At SwatchRoom, Maggie oversees design and build-out for customers ranging from restaurants and commercial developers to startups and national brands. Prior to founding SwatchRoom, she ran O’Neill Studios, a boutique decorative and fine art studio for twelve years. Maggie’s fine art is inspired by iconic landscapes, foreign travels, women and fashion, and music. She is a reactionary painter who celebrates color, pattern and texture in her pieces. Her design, decorative work, and fine art overlap regularly, with the belief that all good design should be inspired by art and handmade goods.

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Here's to you, here's to me, designers, artists may we all be. But if by chance we disagree, let's together over a drink (or 3). To debate, think, draw and see how to make a stronger creative community in DC. — Maggie O'Neill

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