Help Each Other Do Money Better

Personal finance writer Lisa Rowan talks about money (gasp!) and why we’re so weird about talking about it, plus the realities of achieving financial stability and realizing your worth.

About the speaker

Lisa Rowan is a personal finance writer who has lived in St. Pete since 2016. She previously worked at The Penny Hoarder, where she wrote more than 500 articles about all things money and launched the Dear Penny advice column.

She also cohosts Pop Fashion, a weekly podcast about the intersection of fashion, business and culture. Pop Fashion is one of the longest running fashion podcasts and has been featured by Vogue, Elle, Southern Living, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and others.⠀

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Not talking about money isolates us. It keeps power concentrated at the top. It perpetuates all kinds of pay gaps. It keeps people in debt and stressed about money instead of learning about solutions. — Lisa Rowan

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