Teaching. Child Development. Energy Healing. Creative Visualization. Solo travel. Drumming.

Executing business ideas. Developing a MasterMind group.

Leap!! Also, pay attention to my emotions, they are my inner guidance system.

My sister-in-law. She is direct, loving, tells the truth, and has boundaries.

One superpower I have is the ability to help people relax using powerful techniques. Another one is I can sense when people have a misunderstanding and I'm quick to see both sides and can help clarify. I'm also great at being playful, silly, and engaging with children. Putting myself in front of others, public speaking, and trying something new usually charge me up.

As a former elementary teacher with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, I can always go back to a more traditional teaching environment. My dream career would be inspiring, educating and empowering others to lead happier and healthier lives through workshops, on-line courses, and writing.

I wish I could say "The Four Agreements," but I'm not quite there yet.

I would teach someone ways to relax, such as breathing techniques, EFT/tapping, and creative visualization.

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