Lisa Bardot speaks on the topic of courage.

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About the speaker

Lisa Bardot is an artist/creative maven/self-proclaimed-jack-of-all-trades-master-of-fun. Her mission in all her creative endeavors is to bring cheer, color, and playfulness into the lives of her customers and clients. She works in a number of creative fields including painting, illustration, photography, graphic design, woodworking, printmaking, ceramics, sewing, textiles, and more she’s probably forgetting right now.

Lisa is native resident of Sacramento, California. She earned degrees in Graphic Design and Photography at Sacramento State. She has been running her wedding photography and design business, The Goodness, with her husband for the past decade, and she spends any spare time developing her career as an artist. In her most recent work, she explores and promotes self-development and vulnerability through her art. She has grown to appreciate the fact that some people think she is crazy.

And when she’s not making things, Lisa likes to indulge long romantic walks through IKEA, making up songs for her two kids, and dipping french fries in ice cream.

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You might fail, you might succeed. When we dream the outcome is never guaranteed. The only thing thats for sure is we're all going to die. The rest is up to you, so you might as well try. — Lisa Bardot

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