Liana talks on Brokenness and Resilience

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Brazilian Born and Pittsburgh raised, Liana is an award winning activist and entrepreneur. A visionary and catalyst for new and creative ways to engage. At the age of 15 in high school, started RedTape Productions, (now RedTape Design based in NYC). which, through hip hop and activism, helped connect young minds, bringing political, cultural, and social awareness to what was essentially seen as entertainment to the rest of their peers. RedTape has since moved on from her first social practice work to its own successful design firm in New York City, their clientele ranging from artists like Mac Miller to Alicia Keys. After attending fashion school at FIDM in Los Angeles, Liana helped found startup Starmen Design Group in Hollywood, now an award winning firm. Upon finishing another degree in Race and Gender studies at Chatham University, Liana continued her entrepreneurial ventures. The Good Peoples Group, specializing in creative and cultural problem-solving through identity navigation, building and honoring resilience and dynamic team building and Adopting Identity, where she is documenting her story of transracial adoption and presenting programming around multiracial relationships right here in Pittsburgh. Always pushing her own boundaries of self discovery, her story motivates and inspires many through speaking, teaching, identity and family coaching, and countless creative projects.

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Pulse2013 63

Love this talk! Liana, would you be willing to share your slideshow as well?

Ruth Maust • July 12, 2016