I'm a Houston-based instructional designer, facilitator, and writer for organizations committed to community impact. I spent the last several years fostering collaboration and developing communities of practice through my work on the Community Building team at The Sprout Fund, Pittsburgh’s leading agency catalyzing community change. Prior to my work at Sprout, I spent the previous decade working in schools as a teacher and administrator, where I specialized in facilitating teaching collaboration and technology integration. Since 2013, I have also worked as an expert reviewer of websites, apps, and games for Common Sense Media's educator and consumer channels. I've lived all over, but I'm glad I've made my way back to my hometown in the Bayou City.

helping kids and parents access resources they need to grow and thrive.


be here now.

remembering every address and phone number I've had since I was little.

opera singer. (not kidding.)

how to make a perfect, Julia Child-approved omelette.

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