Sorell Raino-Tsui talks about the “ugly” truths of greed and success, and how to invest in yourself towards fulfillment.

We hear the innovative approaches of Athen B. Gallery in Oakland, positioning themselves as an “artists-first” gallery space showcasing the true artist’s vision in each of their exhibits, in spite of conventional means. Sorell tells us stories of his career past in chasing fulfillment to find happiness. We learn about taking money out of the conversation, utilizing honesty with kindness in business, and most importantly investing in yourself.

About the speaker

In order to achieve the utmost of exhibitions by way of our artists we dedicate our attention to their vision. We provide our space and demand the most from each artist whilst remaining free from disrupting their personal expression & narratives.

Our responsibility is to provide artists with the platform of which they visually narrate their reflections of society. We also believe in the transcendent role of the gallery and provide opportunities to artists to create with a larger scale and purpose.

We are artists that choose to side with artists for the responsibility of art, society and to restore balance between gallery and creative. We set our role to declare we stand guard on behalf of artists. We are thee whom live for art.

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