storyteller. all things media. filled with wanderlust.

I know a lot about digital storytelling. I've worked in a variety of platforms including feature films, museum installations & web video. Prior to filmmaking I worked in the nonprofit sector, so I have a good understanding of how to navigate this field, and enjoy working with nonprofits to tell their constituents story.

As a filmmaker, understand your value and not be afraid to explain that to others. As far as general advice goes, my grandmother used to tell me to be patient. It's simple, but I think it has really served me well.

Benjamin Franklin - creative, insightful, innovative and willing to push boundaries.

I can speed read words that are upside down.

When I was in film school, a professor once asked me if I had previously been a social worker. I studied psychology in undergrad, so I've always thought my backup career would be to become a therapist. What I love about film (and psychology) is the exploration of the human spirit.

details of conversations.

I think I've perfected a tomatillo salsa recipe - quick and tasty!