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Kirsten is a Stockholm-based Curator of Contemporary Art whose professional experience is rooted in Art, Photography, Interior Design, Branding & Communication. She has undergraduate degrees in Art History, Women’s Studies and Photography, as well as a Master’s degree in International Curating, Management & Law. Kirsten has a passion for curating purposeful spaces. “The spaces we occupy should give us what we need”, she says. “Our workspaces, homes and all of the transitional spaces in between determine how we feel and the potential to fill them with restorative elements is our collective responsibility.

Kirsten’s curatorial practice highlights the connections between Contemporary Art and Nature, as a means of giving people balance in their everyday. “ It’s a Biophilic approach - I don’t make a distinction between Art and Nature, but rather see them as inextricably linked. The aesthetics of nature is the rythm we evolved to, and finding ways to fill our everyday with that harmony is my mission”.

In addition to Art Consulting, Kirsten recently co-founded Artwell, an early stage social impact startup. Artwell creates restorative spaces that foster resilience and grows tomorrow’s most sustainabie people and organizations.

Connect with Kirsten before the event here:

web : www.artwell.se

Instagram: @nordic.stories @nordic.stories.art @artwellscandinavia

Linkedin linkedin.com/in/kirsten-hinder-stockholm , linkedin.com/company/artwell-ab/

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