I'm a traveling nutritionist & yogi, living between Singapore & London and enjoying every moment of the contrast between the two worlds. I'm obsessed with health, fitness, the mind / body connection and the immense capacity within each of us to create the most amazing lives for ourselves. I'm devoted to constant progress one small step at a time and to building communities that foster this epic energy within each of us. Doing my best to practice what I preach, and enjoying the ride.

What's good for you and how to motivate you to achieve it.

Course design & illustration of new online wellness program launching in 2019. Social media development & sales funneling.

"The trouble is you think you have time". - This isn't supposed to make us feel panicked or rushed. It's about valuing our time & contributing as much to our lives, as well as to others, as much as we possibly can.

The qualities I most admire are kindness, honesty, hard graft and an open heart. My parents basically.

I excel at taking the lead the more dramatic & extreme the situation. It's my inner Indiana Jones / Ghostbuster coming to the fore.

Gallery Curator, electrician.

My very easy method just sums up nine planets.

Nadi Shodhana

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