Kelly Herrick takes the stage for #CMFLOW

October 18, 8:00am - 10:00am BST. Hosted at QUAD

part of a series on Flow

About the speaker

I’m Kelly, an artist and creativity coach. I make art, run creativity workshops & events, collaborate on other people’s retreats & events, write and speak on creativity. All of my work is based on empowerment through creative living. My art is inspired by nature; it’s loose, colourful and dynamic.

From my own journey of creation, my connection with others and my experience working in the creative industries, I am absolutely convinced that we are all creators.

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“Activate your flow and let it carry you where you need to go.”

October’s theme is #CMflow! It was chosen by CreativeMornings/MexicoCity and illustrated by David ‘El Dee’ Espinosa.

Our next event will be on 18th October and with Kelly Herrick