Jen is a Happiness and Digital Consultant. She has over 15 years’ experience working with SMEs, charities and public sector organisation on a variety of training and Agile consultancy projects. Jen is a self-confessed productivity and happiness geek, always looking for new hacks to make the most of every day, with time for plenty of fun along the way.

Jen is a lover of the great outdoors, having grown up half in the middle of the Peak District and half in an off grid house in the middle of a wood! She is now Chair of the Peak District National Park Foundation championing looking after our beautiful National Park!

Jen regularly appears on BBC World News and BBC Radio to talk about digital and happiness news stories, as well as writing for a number of local and national websites, including her own successful travel blog and new blog

Jen runs the company ‘Feel Good Do Good’, supporting businesses through happiness workshops for staff and developing wellbeing strategies. Both help build better working environments, which can ultimately help with increased staff retention, less sick days and a more productive workforce.

Agile and Scrum, Being Happy, Blogging and Peak District National Park.

99% of the things you worry about never happen and the 1% that do you can't do anything about so why worry?!

Lots of female entrepreneurs, My mum, Emma Gannon, Jo Fairly, my gran, Carrie Green, my stepmum... and my dad!

Ability to drink Yorkshire Tea continuously throughout the day and not turn into a tea bag!

Dog walker!

Every word in the films Legally Blonde or Dirty Dancing

The power of the mind to make us happier

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