What a great start to our new CreativeMornings/Derby community.

At 8am on Friday 17th May, we kicked off CreativeMornings/Derby in style with Paul Chapman presenting on the topic of Preserve.

I couldn’t have wished for a better start to the chapter, our partners Mainframe and QUAD provided us with an amazing venue, the fella’s from Future Proof Films were brilliant and a special shoutout to our stand in photographer Ben Lumley who took these amazing pictures https://www.flickr.com/photos/creativemorningsderby/ 

Ben will be speaking at the next event on June 21st - Watch this space for more details on that event and of course the video of CreativeMornings/Derby Preserve.


Tim Elliott

Welcome to CreativeMornings/Derby.

Hello! I’m Tim Elliott, the host of the newest CreativeMornings chapter.

I made this video as part of my application to start a CreativeMornings chapter in Derby. Now that our chapter has been officially approved, my colleagues at Mainframe Derby and I will be making these ideas reality and bringing the community together in Derby.

A bit about me.

I’ve been living and working as a marketer now for over 22 years, so the creative process and creative people have been a massive part of my personal and professional life so becoming the host of CreativeMornings/Derby is something I am super proud of.  I am looking forward to getting to know and growing this great community for you.

A bit about the team:

Every CreativeMornings event is free and run by a team of volunteers. I want to give a special shoutout to Hana & Charlene from Mainframe Derby and the good people at Quad & BigHouse without whose work and generosity of time and knowledge CraetiveMormnings/Derby would not exist.

My vision for CreativeMornings/Derby.

Community is king! I truly believe communities are the classroom of your industry (thanks Chris Brogan). I want CreativeMornings/ Derby to be a hub for the local creative community bringing together everyone with a creative role, idea, or passion.  Derby is lucky to have the fabulous Mainframe in which I am running CreativeMornings/Derby in conjunction with that has developed the community we seek to serve.  We are here to create an environment for you to be your best creative self and learn from others. I’m so pleased to have you with us.

How to participate.

Want to be the first to know about our first event? Sign up for the CreativeMornings/Derby newsletter. If you’re interested in partnering or volunteering, please email derby@creativemornings.com.

Stay tuned for details and I hope to see you at our launch event!

Everyone is creative. Everyone is welcome. We’re a free monthly breakfast lecture series for Derby’s creative community. Hosted by Tim Elliott & Mainframe Derby