Karissa Johnson

March 9, 8:00am - 9:30am CST. Hosted at Hot Shops Art Center

part of a series on Courage

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A daring explorer, inspiring author, and engaging speaker, Karissa Johnson strives to be a leading advocate for bravery. After being gripped by a devastating stroke at the age of 21, she eventually regained her ability to speak, write, and walk. Her courageous efforts later led her to explore seven continents before the age of 30.

An educator by profession, Karissa taught freshmen women at two universities in Saudi Arabia. While teaching in China, she managed to book modeling jobs and wrote for a local magazine. Her story has been featured on Yahoo Finance, the Omaha World-Herald, and several publications worldwide.

This newbie blogger has attracted readers from over 60 countries, but loves speaking to explorers of all ages right here at home in Nebraska. Her book, 7 Steps to the 7th Continent, has been read on six continents. Hopefully those penguins in Antarctica will get around to reading it too.

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We’ve been talking about courage for a long time. It’s admirable and awe-striking, it’s celebrated and commended. But courage-for the courageous-is wildly inconvenient. It stretches us and bends us-always luring us into dangerous waters and unchartered territory. Courage has some nerve. And as acts of courage flood our timelines and trickle throughout our day, we learn that courage is popular. It’s trending and it’s contagious. Courage is also irritating. It will poke and prod you until you make some kind of drastic change. Your heart will race and you will be unsettled until finally it’s done. Until you’ve dared to just do it. So, whether you’re venturing off to Antarctica or pursuing that passion project, courage is asking of you. The question is, will you respond?